Are you looking to buy your first loom, or do you want to learn new techniques? Read all about how to sew with your handwoven fabric and even upholster furniture in Twisting Tales Magazine.



An old Scandinavian weaving technique

Use an old technique to weave modern, graphic patterns

Weave warm, strong and thick fabric with Krokbragd. This technique was used to weave tapestries, rugs and bedspreads to keep out the Scandinavian cold, but it can look surprisingly modern.

Choosing your loom

Choosing your first loom

Where to begin?

Learning to weave

Compared to other hobbies, weaving is a tricky one to start with. There are so many looms to choose from and the jargon can sound like a different language altogether. But no fear! We’ve explained the most basic weaving terms and provided an overview of all the types of looms and their pros and cons. If you want to pick up weaving, this article will help you get started.

upholstery fabric

Handwoven upholstery

Upholster furniture with your own handwoven fabrics

Weaving upholstery fabric

Give your home a truly personal touch by using your handwoven fabric on your furniture. This article explains what to look out for when weaving the fabric and how to do basic upholstery.

Tablet weaving

Weave gorgeous patterns

With minimal equipment

Tablet weaving

You can weave intricate patterns without a loom! All you need are a few weaving cards or tablets and a belt, and you’re set! Read all about card weaving in our third magazine.

making your own pin loom

Pin looms

Make them youself!

An easy DIY

Pin looms can be a bit pricey, but they’re not hard to make yourself! Weave various shapes in no time at all. Read the article in the second edition of Twisting Tales Magazine

Weaving with wool

Weaving with wool

Doesn’t have to be sticky business

The tips and tricks you need

With the right preparation, wool can be fun and pleasant to weave! We’ve tested various ways of sizing the warp in our second magazine.

Leiden broadcloth

Leiden broadcloth

A deep dive into its history

Spinning to weave

Leiden broadcloth is responsible for a large part of Dutch wealth. Read all about the history of this fabric, how it was made and what we can learn from it today in our first magazine.

sewing with handwoven fabric

Sewing handwoven fabric?

Made easy

Sew with your handwoven fabric

Measure twice, cut once! When it comes to sewing with your handwoven fabrics, there are a few basic rules to learn. Read the article in the first issue of Twisting Tales Magazine and you’re off to the races.

band weaving

Band weaving

With different materials

Which yarn do I choose for band weaving?

Wool, cotton, linen, silk, alpaca or acrylic: what yarn do you use when you’re weaving bands? We’ve tested all of them in different situations so you can make the perfect choice for your project.

weaving button holes

Weaving buttonholes

Making slits in your weaving

Weaving buttonholes as you go

Want to try something new? Make buttonholes in your handwoven fabric, while you’re weaving it! This simple technique opens up a world of possibilities. Read all about it in Twisting Tales Magazine.

basiseigenschappen garen

Yarn characteristics

Making yarn predictable

Basis Yarn characteristics

Learn which yarns are suitable for knitting cables and which work better for lace. Read all about basic yarn characteristics and make better choices for your projects!

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