Get to know the different feet for your overlocker, learn to sew massive pockets, read about the history of the sewing machine or figure out what to do with your fabric scraps. What would you like to learn about sewing?

sewing a rain jacket

Rain jackets

Making your own

Ready for rain

Sewing your own raincoat may feel intimidating, but there’s not need to be scared! With our tips and tricks, you’ll whip up your own custom rain jacket without any issues.

history of the sewing machine

A machine that changed the world

The humble sewing machine

From antique, to vintage, to modern

Did you know that owning a sewing machine used to be a sign of status, before it wasn’t? This invention has changed the world to the one we know today. Read all about the history of the sewing machine and how to take care of vintage and antique machines.

fabric manipulation


Through manipulation

Think outside the box

Give your fabric a 3d-effect to truly make your sewing unique! We’ve shared three techniques to manipulate your fabric into the eyecatcher you’re looking for.

do more with your overlocker

Do more with your overlocker

Use your feet

Are you using your serger to its full potential?

Sew gathering, elastic and blind hems by using the extra feet that come with your serger. You can learn five new techniques in one afternoon! Find all the information you need in our third magazine.

Historical clothing

Design your own sewing patterns

With a nod towards history

Timeless clothing

Throughout history, fabric was too expensive to waste. Many historical garments therefore consist of simple shapes, that you can easily draft yourself. Design your own sewing patterns by looking through the history books.

use your scraps

Use your scraps

Sew a scrap quilt

Patchwork projects for all fabric scraps

Use every last scrap of fabric and make new fabric! We’ve shared all the information you need to sew your own scrappy quilts.

sewing with handwoven fabric

Sewing with handwoven fabric

Measure twice, cut once

A different way to use your weaving

Grow beyond making rectangular flat pieces and sew with your handwoven fabric! This article contains all the information you need and some exciting project ideas.

Historical pockets

Chicken-sized pockets

The massive pockets of your dreams

From historical sources

Pockets in women’s clothing are few and far between these days, but did you know that they used to be big enough to smuggle chickens in? Find the stories and history behind these enormous pockets and learn how to apply them to modern clothes in our first magazine.

Quick zipper pocket

Sewing a zipper pocket

Add an pocket to your lining

Sewing a neat pocket with zipper

Make your next project bag even neater inside and add a zipped interior pocket! Read the blog to find out how.

sewing a project bag

Sewing a project bag

With a zipper and a lining

Perfect for storing your craft projects

Make your own project bag, with a lining and a zipper. Follow the instructions in this blog post.

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