Twisting Tales Magazine no. 02

The second edition of Twisting Tales Magazine is here! It’s filled with 100+ pages on textile crafts, experiments, history and sustainability. Do you know the Kitchener stitch and its history? Learn more about solar dyeing and the tumultuous history of indigo. Follow our step-by-step tutorial and write your own knitting pattern for a drop shoulder sweater. Read all about the articles:

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designing your own dropshoulder sweater

Making your own drop shoulder sweater

The idea of writing your own knitting patterns can be intimidating, but it shouldn’t be! In this article, we help you design and write your own pattern for a drop shoulder sweater.

knitting in different directions

Knitting in different directions

Top down and bottom up aren’t the only ways you can knit a garment. Your knitting becomes infinitely more exciting once you realize all the directions in which you can take a knitted sweater.

Kitchener stitch

Kitchener stitch

This sock knitting technique has been around since WWI and was popularized by Lord Kitchener. Read all about the interesting history behind kitchener stitch and pick up a few tricks to make it easier to do.

spinning with soja

Spinning soy

Did you know you can make fabric from soy fibre? It’s one of the more sustainable fibres on the market and has interesting properties. We’ve taken a deep dive in the production, environmental impact and properties of soy fibre.

spinning opposing ply

Opposing ply yarns

This technique can help you add elasticity to any fibre. We’ve spun samples from many different fibres to find out just how much difference an opposing ply makes to a yarn.

Weaving with wool

Weaving wool

Weaving is one of the best ways to work with wool during the warmer months. It does have its challenges, though. In this article, we take a look at different warp treatments to make weaving with wool a more pleasant experience.

making your own pin loom

Building your own pin loom

Perfect for quick projects and small amounts of yarn, pin looms are an awesome addition to your craft tools. Make them yourself in all shapes and sizes using the instructions in this article.

use your scraps

Scrap quilts

Fabric scraps: easy to acquire, harder to use. This article contains many techniques to help you use every last little bit of your fabrics.

Historical clothing

Historical shapes

Learn how to draft your own sewing patterns by going back in time! We’ve taken inspiration from three historical garments and make your own.

Solar dyeing

Solar dyeing

Dye yarn using just a few jars and a bit of sunlight! This technique is great for both natural and synthetic dyes and requires very little time and energy.



This article contains magic, mummies, blue jeans and rubber bands. Read all about the interesting history of indigo and some of the effects you can achieve with it, beyond just dyeing blue.


Sustainability in crafting

It’s important to look after our planet. We’ve taken a deep dive into the sustainability of the fibres we work with and give tips on how to make your crafting more environmentally friendly.

make clothes that flatter your body

Stop lines

Learn how to make clothes that enhance your favourite body parts. Create visual effects to make you look bigger, smaller, longer or shorter, just by knowing where to stop.

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