Twisting Tales Magazine no. 01

In 2021, we were proud to present the first edition of Twisting Tales Magazine! It contains over 100 pages of experiments, history, tutorials and photos. We help you choose your colours for projects, tell you more about the softest wool and share the interesting stories behind Leiden Broadcloth.

The first edition contains the following articles:

Twisting Tales Magazine no. 04 English
knit better, learn how to spin

Why spinning made me a better knitter

How do you become better at knitting? By learning about spinning. In this article, we explain all the things you need to know about your yarn in order to become an expert knitter.

why gauge matters

Why gauge matters

Gauge may not be the most exciting subject, but it is a very important one! In this article, we explain the effect your gauge has on a finished project.

Rambouillet sheep


Not many sheep breeds have such an interesting history, as well as gorgeous fibre! In this article, we not only share the breed’s heritage, but we also share some tips on how to spin and work with the wool.

fractal spinning

What the F is a Fractal

You have probably heard of fractal spinning, but what is it, exactly? We have taken a deep dive into fractal spun yarns and show you several possibilities on how to get the most out of your hand dyed braid of spinning fibre.

weaving button holes

Weaving buttonholes

In this article, we show you how to make buttonholes in your woven cloth. By weaving buttonholes or slits directly into your fabric, there’s no cutting required and you retain the strength of your threads.

band weaving

Materials in band weaving

Do more with your handwoven bands! In this article, we have compared bands made from different materials in order to help you choose the best one for your project. Hopefully, this will get your hands itching to get out your inkle loom!

sewing with handwoven fabric

Sewing with handwoven fabric

Scared to sew with your handwoven fabric? Not after you read this article! We share all the tips you need to make the most beautiful pillow cases, project bags and garments out of your finished woven fabrics.

Historical pockets

Historical pockets

We need bigger pockets! We have turned to the history books to find a way to make historically big pockets in modern clothing. Have a go at sewing your own bag-shaped or pear-shaped pockets, you won’t want to go back!

snow dyeing

Snow dyeing

Take advantage of the weather and try snow or ice dyeing! We’ve explained all of the steps so you’ll be ready to dye wool and cotton with snow next winter.

button dyeing

Dyeing buttons

With natural dyes, you can dye a lot more than just textiles. We have taken buttons from various materials, such as wood, plastic and mother of pearl, and dyed them with natural dyes in an attempt to create matching buttons.

dyeing natural gradients

Natural dyeing gradients

Get the most out of your dyebath! In this article, we explore three different ways in which you can dye gradients with natural dyes.

choosing your colours

Choosing your colours

How do you choose colours that look good on you? We give you practical tips on how to pick colours for your projects and your wardrobe that suit you.

Museum Leidslaken

Leiden broadcloth

For centuries, Leiden was at the heart of the Dutch broadcloth industry. During our visit to Museum De Lakenhal, we explored both the fabric and its history.

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