• Why are the prices in the store different from the prices in the shopping cart?
    The prices displayed in the store include Dutch VAT. Once you enter your address, the prices in the shopping cart will automatically change. If you’re in a different EU country, you will be charged with the VAT for your country. If you’re outside the EU, VAT will be removed entirely.
  • How can I access my online magazine?
    Once you’ve purchased your magazine (online only or print and online), the online version will be added to your account. You can download it from there.
  • Do you accept returns?
    In accordance with Dutch law, we do not accept returns on digital magazines or single editions of physical magazines.
  • How expensive is shipping?
    Shipping costs will be calculated in the shopping cart.
  • When will my order arrive?
    Digital magazines are automatically added to your account as soon as your purchase is completed. If you think something has gone wrong, please contact us via contact@twistingtalesmagazine.com
    Most physical orders are shipped within 4 working days. Because international shipping can be unpredictable, we cannot say how long it will take for your order to arrive. If you think it has been too long, you can always contact us via contact@twistingtalesmagazine.com and we’ll investigate the issue.
  • I only want to buy a digital magazine, why do you need my address?
    We need your address to calculate VAT, as VAT rates are different for different countries.
  • I live in the UK, why can I not order from you?
    We are currently unable to sell physical or digital products directly to customers in the UK. In order to make the magazine available to you, we have set up a Payhip store, where you can purchase the digital version.