Dried material with added water

My natural dyeing method

The content of this post is summed up very well in the title: it’s a description of my usual natural dyeing process. Whether you’re looking for more information than is mentioned in one of our articles, or whether you’re looking to start dyeing yourself, I hope this information helps you! What you'll need Two stainless steel or enamel pots. Other materials may affect the dye results. And you’ll definitely want two, unless you’re willing to spread out the process over a few days.*A thermometerAt least two glass jars. I use a large one to soak my dyestuff in and a...
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Socks ons self made sockblockers
Do you like to block your socks? This is one of those topics that is completely up to personal preference, and there is no right or wrong answer. But personally, I do like to block socks, especially if they’re gifts for other people. Sock blockers can, however, be a bit expensive. If you use them often, they are definitely worth the money. But if you’re not planning on using them often, or you’re not sure yet, or they’re just not in your budget, you can make them yourself. In my case, I wanted a pair of sock blockers for blocking...
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Ilona en Lisanne
Twisting Tales was born out of hours of walking. Yes, walking! During our daily walk, we, Lisanne and Ilona, talk about anything and everything. As Lisanne is rather interested in handcrafting, the subject often turns to craft. She has told me many stories about wool, knitting, weaving, spinning, dyeing and traditions from all over the world. As her mother I encouraged her to share these stories, and so the idea of a magazine was born. About Twisting Tales Magazine After a half year of idea development and research, we went for it and started our mother-daughter business: Twisting Tales Magazine....
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